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489 Meadow St  Waterbury CT 06702

open call for hours...203-574-7805


 RSD list is in...and it's the longest list of overpriced manufactured collectables I've seen yet...if you want any of this "stuff" stop by the shop...will only be doing special ordering because there's just too much on the list to speculate...


Terry Coppage (Bartcop) has passed...

   will miss you my friend  



I think I owe my good friends and customers an explanation about what's been going on for the last month or so. The shop's been open sporadically, I know.....some of you do know what's going on; I do have stomach cancer and I haven't been in the best of health to keep the shop open...if you've stopped by and I've been closed; I'm sorry, I'm doing the best I can with limited resources. Not the best of times to be closed during the holidays, and I fear it will get worse when we begin the treatment regimen. I'm going to have to cut down on my work hours and it would be a good idea to call me before making the trip. It may knock me down but it will never beat me.....Thanks,   Walt



2014 03 14...sick as a other words fit....



2014 03 11...the day after...pretty ill from the treatment but this week I also have to have a bunch of tests run on scan, maybe pet scan...electrocardiogram...and the ever-present endoscopic look see...way too much to deal with when you're running at aside: when I go in for chemo or the follow ups I have to sign in w/name/time and reason for visit...I try to be creative with that last part...when I go in for the BIG chemo, I write in extravaganza or circus...when I go in for the follow up needle...I go for a shot (and a beer?)...or "a fistfull of dollars"....breaks up the day and gets a laugh or at least a bemused look from the girl behind the counter...if I lose my sense of humor-it's all over....

2014 03 10...well, today is another 7 hour chemo...hopefully the last session...won't know for a few weeks when I go back for the endoscopic "look see"....still cold here so I've added to my wardrobe...had one of these from my grandfather 40 years ago....PICTURE...and this one I wear to bed at night...I guess you'd call it a "nitecap"...PICTURE (thanks Liz!!!)...well, off to chemo...if I'm lucid, I'll try to add more today....

 2014 02 do you guys with little to no hair get through the winter??!!...I finally had to take the rest of it off and damn, it's cold...have to wear a hat to bed...actually doesn't look too bad, my head's not as square as it looked with hair....pretty round...gotta figure out how to deal with wax a good idea? 

2014 02 25...feel like total crap this week...going to take a bit more for me to bounce back from this last treatment...and I think I caught a bit of a cold...N/G


2014 02 hair hurts!  it's probably my scalp that actually hurts but I think this is a harbinger of bad things to come...I fully expected to loose my hair before this so it comes as no surprise...if I get another week or so I'll be amazed...I've always had a full head of hair and a ponytail (yeah, an old hippie) this will be something brand new for me...Went through the extravaganza chemo today and I'll hopefully have one more good day tomorrow (snow day...wouldn't you know it!)...after that it'll be all down hill for 2-2 1/2 weeks...then should be OK for about a week....whatever doesn't kill you...yada yada yada...

2014 02 17...Monday ...closed today...8 hour chemo...sorry

2014 02 14...Happy Valentines day to chemo this week...good thing too because I've had to shovel snow...nice heavy stuff with more on the way tomorrow...doing it slow and easy....yesterday I went out four times to clear the driveway and the sidewalk...little bit at a time...still strong enough to get the simple things done...


2014 02 06...well, these last few weeks were no fun...the last couple of weeks were the worst weeks so far...guess I wasn't as strong as I thought I was....but since I'm still standing I suppose I can handle a little more of the same next week...another 8 hour chemo coming up soon and I expect to be laid out for a while this's a long recuperation from these marathon sessions...


2014 01 28...the day after hell... the new chemo started on Monday.....from 9am to 5pm...8 hours...longest chemo I've had to between the cocktails they were giving me fluids and meds to cut down on the nausea...even steroids....still weak today and have to go in for a shot later because this stuff wipes good blood cells in addition to the bad stuff...if I can survive this I can survive anything...and since I'm still standing I guess I can survive this...  : )


update 1/23/14   the good, the bad and the ugly...well, after 9 weeks of chemo, they decided to go back into my stomach for a few candid shots of the tumor to see how much it's shrunk...unfortunately, not enough to make all that much difference in the surgery-they want it small enough so that there's not a lot of stomach reconstruction they have to do....soooo 9 more weeks of chemo. The first series of treatments were pretty aggressive but I came through without much in the way of side effects...minimal hair loss, not much nausea, and a limited amount of weakness (except for a few bad days)....this next round is the one the doc says will really kick my ass...extremely aggressive treatment where I will probably lose my consistently weakened and I will have to take nausea meds on a regular me, I don't think I'll look OK without hair...I have that Germanic Frankenstein square head thing going on (the ugly)...and I hate being sick (the bad)....the good out of all this...the new meds will target specifically this particular cancer cells source of "food"...'course that kicks the completion of  treatment and operation into late March/April...well into the beginning of 2014 flea market as long as I can walk I'll be out there trying...Doc seems to think I'll be able to "will" my way through it, like I've done so far...hope he's right. roller coaster ride coming up...hold onto your tickets and your hats!


The Record Shop

RECORD SHOP NEWS: October 25th's 31 years this December...i think it might be time to retire.....

.from last december:...30 years-Damn! ...some of you weren't even born when I opened the shop...some of you were brought into the shop as babes in arms by your parents...I saw many of you grow up...get married and have children of your own...some years were great, some just so/so and some were downright horrendous, but that's life...I've been lucky enough to live my life on my own terms and that just may be the secret...find something you care passionately about and you'll never really "work" a day in your life. Thanks to all of you who have enriched my life.



Don Van Vliet, known throughout the world as Captain Beefheart, has died at the age of 69 .      Oh, Captain, My Captain...






I've been selling music for thirty one  years right here in the shop and 10 years before that at record shows up & down the east coast and Europe.... We have loads of vinyl and inexpensive cds. While the sixties are my specialty, we have quite a lot of punk, metal, new wave, jazz, fifties, folk and R n' B. There's a big bin of $1 records in the back room...and a large bin of FREE records as well...while we're on the subject of prices: Throw away your price guides because I don't use 'em. I think they're highly over rated and way over priced. I don't want to have a museum here and everything is  priced to sell. Some of my customers actually have made a comfortable living selling stuff on ebay that they bought here...that's all part of the circle and more power to them...they come back and buy more...everybody's happy...I've got listening stations set up for vinyl and cds so you're not buying a "pig in a poke". You buy these to listen to...not to look at; so I guarantee each and every item I put out. Sorry no "flavor of the week" stuff here; we're not a maul store and don't want to be..

This is the largest indie store in the state and it does take quite a bit of time to see everything there is to see. I really should re-locate to New York City or Boston, the stock is that good! But, here I am in Waterbury the back ass end of the universe.... So it goes...

I do buy large collections of vinyl...give me a call or drop me a line...

The Brass City Tool  Shop

 I sell records for a living but I have a passion for woodworking and old tools. I really enjoy sharing both with anyone who will listen, and sometimes even people who will not listen. I own the only record store I know of with a functioning, though small, woodworking bench. I offer some fine wood working tools, most over 75 years old, and some well over 100 years old. They all still do what they were intended to do. Most were made right here in Connecticut within a stones throw of where I sit. The tools that I sell are tools that I would be proud to have in my own shop, or that I do have in my collection.

I clean for use . Blades will be sharp and ready to use, but it's up to you to put the final touches on the bevel. Soles will be flat for use but not polished . Please send your requests for tools and parts. I've got so many I couldn't possibly list them all. I guarantee all the tools I sell back guarantee, just like the old days. Payment by cash, check, money order, charge card or paypal.

I only buy tools that I would be proud to own. I look for good "bones" ie: solid castings, good wood, and functioning mechanicals. 

I also buy old woodworking tools, particularly pattern makers and jointer's tool chests. If you have had a family member who worked in this trade please contact me. I personally collect scraper planes and spokeshaves. 

Walt Q... 203-574-7805 if you call, please give me a few moments to get to a phone...this place is pretty big...

Any and all galoots are always welcome at the shop...drop by and try out some of the tools. ..if you're traveling through Connecticut; I'm 2 blocks off I-84 exit 21 or route 8 exit 32. Call or e-mail for directions or slap the address into mapquest.


November 15th 2012