Union Tool Company Planes


Not much info on the web about Union planes. Nothing like the amount of details known about the Stanley brands.

Here's a bit of information I've gleaned from observing Union planes:


Frog design:

The early frogs had a lateral lever similar to the Birmingham. The washer that engaged the slot on the blade was above the pivot point rather than below. The face of the frog is flat  with a pronounced rounded shoulder. It was a shallow frog with very little "step up" from the foot to the base and very short screws. Actually a "Patent Applied For" mark on the arm. Rudimentary fold over of the tip of the lateral.


The mid era frogs show more of a Stanley influence with the washer moved below the pivot. the face is still flat and the shoulders are less rounded. Step up is more pronounced wit slightly longer screws.

The late era frog now has recessed face similar but not identical to the Stanley design. If I were a betting man, I'd say that this design was after the Stanley buy-out of the Union Plane Company. step up is very high with longer screws.






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