There are all sorts of planes ourt there...but many were made by just a few companies. this is my rule of thumb for determining company of manufacture:

Stanley is the ever familiar two piece fish fin

Sargent is the one piece tight "U" shape

Union is a one piece 90 degree bend

and the Millers falls is the one piece bent tab at 90 degrees

many other styles but I think what you'll see for the most part are these or slight variations. Stanley used the Union lateral for some branded planes after they bought out Union. Sargent used slight variations on their design for planes they made for others.

Good frogs look like these: all basically the same design..

Stanley Frog..Union is the same design (except for the "X" series)

Millers Falls frog



Sargent frog




what you have to stay away from are these:

stamped frogs are the kiss of death

I'll be adding to this page, so please check back...any questions on planes you may have found please contact me. Walt at



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