The Standard Rule Co. Unionville CT 1883-1888 certainly had a unique design for their frogs. I found this one sans lever cap and don't expect to find a replacement easily, but an early modification to the cap iron holds the blade in place temporarily. Solon R and Arthur E Rust patentees. Patent number 287,584, October 1883. In 1888 president Andrew Upson reorganized the company as the Upson Nut Co. then using the industry standard Baileys patent for their planes. 


this example isn't in the greatest of shape but enough remains to give you a decent idea of it's utility



the frog design is the ultimate in simplicity.



the one threaded screw through the minimal frog is the depth adjustment, basically pushing the frog forward and pushing it back.

it has one of the lowest body profiles of any plane I've found


not much can go wrong with this one...very few moving parts



I was through Unionville last weekend, hard to believe the small sleepy village was a manufacturing center..



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