There are many paths to the same destination. Some straight and narrow , some convoluted with many twists and turns. On these pages are some designs that didn't make it; though some are very good and interesting. All of these are in the shop and can be used...drop by & try 'em out!

NEW 09/26/12...Eclipse scraper Plane...after years on the hunt...LINK

NEW!!! 06/06/12...Sargent No. 1507 Ladybug rabbet plane   LINK

Meriden Maleable Iron block plane Link

Stanley No. 212 small scraper plane   LINK

Leonard Bailey Victor No. 3 1/2  LINK

Auburn Metallic Plane Co...Palmers Patent   LINK

Stanley G-6, Gage frog design    LINK

Standard Rule Company jack plane    LINK

Birminham Plane Co. one of the RARE ones...Link

Rodier's  Patent...the squiggly plane, interesting look and even more interesting mechanical design..LINK

Bailey Woonsocket plane...Bailey also worked for these fellows during one of his spats with Stanley. Depth adjustment with no backlash...LINK

Union X series planes..  who said that Stanley had a lock on plane design, here's a nifty little idea from Union that eliminated backlash from the depth adjuster...LINK

Vineland Gage plane ..bought out by Stanley just so they could get their hands on the unique frog/blade design.LINK

Sargent Auto-set plane..interesting idea...and they work great...LINK 

Sargent Shaw's Patent  John Shaw's concept similar to the Bedrock style Bailey's.. LINK 

Chaplin's Patent...LINK

Chaplin's patent No. 1203  LINK

Seigley Planes...LINK

Christian Sholl,   patented beveled four stem marking gage   patented March 8, 1884 patent number 41,867…This has got to be one of the more intriguing gages I’ve ever seen. Not one, not two not even three but four separate independently adjustable stems allow you to set four separate and distinct marks at the same time. LINK



I've got a nice collection of odd shaves and scrapers, not generally seen..anyone interested in seeing a few?

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